CSL Cloud powers WILDZ Casino

CSL Data Centre Services Malta is pleased to announce that it helped a new customer launch their Casino site through our shared cloud service offering “LAYA” the CSL cloud services platform that today is faster due to the underlying storage architecture with Flash Drives and pre-configured software tools specifically designed for IGaming customers that help in the speed of execution when platforms are launched and Go Live.  CSL is pleased to have contributed positively to WILDZ  which is quickly becoming recognized in 2019 as well as Rootz which is an affiliated site of WILDZ registered and licensed in Malta with the MGA - Malta Gaming Authority.

CEO of WILDZ Casino Lasse Rantala remarked, “We’ve been very pleased with the performance of CSL Data Centre services so far. WILDZ has grown faster than we had anticipated. While that is a good problem to have, it can most certainly pose problems when it comes to scalability issues with technical service providers. CSL has more than delivered on their promises and we haven’t experienced any negative issues despite a higher volume of traffic than we had told CSL to expect.”

A major reason that Wildz hasn’t experienced any service interruptions is CSL’s commitment to scalable infrastructure for each one of their clients. We understand that in addition to standard features like top-notch security and technical expertise, tech companies of today, and that is essentially what an online casino is in 2019, require flexible and manageable systems able to meet shifting needs. The fact that Wildz has not experienced cloud problems, despite having greater growth than was expected, speaks volumes about CSL’s abilities to deliver on what our customers need.

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