Shared Cloud

CSL’s shared cloud offering (termed ‘Project Laya’) consists of a CSL owned platform comprised of a large pool of compute and storage resources capable of supporting bespoke IT solutions residing on common infrastructure allowing for a fast and cost-effective solution for virtual instances. Each customer is logically separated from other tenants ensuring full isolation and security.

All of the underlying infrastructure is fully transparent to the user as it is fully managed and maintained by CSLs professional services arm offloading unnecessary IT administrative tasks from the customer’s personnel.

Typical use-cases for shared cloud offerings are:

  • Production workload based on Windows and/or Linux virtual instances
  • As part of a hybrid solution with shared cloud virtual workload and bare-metal or 3rd party cloud hosted applications
  • Disaster recovery instances connected to other cloud providers within or outside of Malta

Shared cloud instances are provisioned on two user selectable storage tiers, namely SAS based and/or Flash based arrays depending on the user’s needs.

Although not mandatory, common addons complementing shared cloud instances are:

  • Managed Networking services
  • Managed Operating System
  • Managed Backup services

More information on the above and other managed services offered by CSL can be found in the Managed Services section.

In terms of access, customers are given read-only view of their systems via a web portal providing instance level snapshot capabilities, power control and console access.

Shared cloud instances are priced based on a one-time setup charge whereby a customer agreed configuration is provisioned and an on-going monthly fee based on the size of the instances and accompanying datacentre and managed services. Normal deployment timeframe for Shared cloud services is between 1 to 2 days from contract signature. Furthermore, services delivered via the shared cloud are fully compliant with local legislations in terms of gaming licensing.

Our Shared Cloud Plans


2x vCPU Cores
80GB SSD-tier storage
CentOS Operating System
Mongo/Maria DB Server
Unmetered LAN traffic @ 10Gbps


4x vCPU Cores
150GB SSD-tier storage
Ubuntu Server Operating System
Postgre SQL Server
Unmetered LAN traffic @ 10Gbps


12x vCPU Cores
500GB SSD-tier storage
1TB SAS-tier storage
Windows Server Operating System
MS SQL Server Standard Core-license
Unmetered LAN traffic @ 10Gbps
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