Managed services

Through its Professional services arm, CSL provides round the clock managed services on various aspects, allowing the customer to focus on their business and offloading all IT related services to CSL. The below managed services are the main core competencies which can be procured in isolation or as part of another CSL offering. All services are completely bespoke and thus provide full flexibility in terms of platforms and implementation methods:

  • Managed Backup services (Instance and Agent based)
  • Helpdesk IT outsourcing (Desktop/Office user support)
  • Managed Networking (Switching and Firewalling)
  • Managed Server Load Balancing (incl. SSL offloading and WAF functionality)
  • Managed Two-factor/OTP authentication
  • Managed DDoS Mitigation (Infra and WAF)
  • Managed Cloud Storage (WebDAV accessible)
  • Event Log Management Services (GreyLog)
  • Collaboration Tools (Jira and Confluence)
  • Internal Private Messaging (HipChat)
  • Document Library (MS SharePoint)
  • DBMS (MySQL, PostGRE, MSSQL, MongoDB)
  • Web Servers (NGINX, Apache, IIS)
  • Corporate Email Mailboxes (Google, O365, On-Premise, Dedicated)
  • Single-SignOn Services (MS AD, IPA)
  • Scale-Out Storage (GlusterFS, GPFS)
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