Hybrid Cloud

Get the best of both worlds with hybrid cloud services. CSL can provide and support solutions based on a mix of CSL cloud services and other 3rd party services like Amazon Web services Malta or Microsoft Azure Malta. Whether your production is hosted at CSL and your DR is hosted at a 3rd party or vice-versa, CSL can manage the complete environment. Installation and configuration of instances, configuration of tunnels across clouds, configuration of cloud tenants, configuration of DB replication and cloud-based backup management are all parts of the services that fall under the hybrid cloud umbrella.

Typical use-cases for hybrid cloud offerings are:

  • Production site on CSLs Shared or Private cloud and Disaster recovery site on a 3rd Party cloud platform
  • Disaster recovery site on CSL’s Shared or Private cloud and production site on a 3rd Part cloud platform
  • High-availability scenarios across services offered by CSL and other 3rd parties such as stretched Web or DB clusters
  • Office systems with components such as Active directory services hosted at CSL and messaging systems obtained from 3rd party SaaS offerings such as MS O365 or Google apps
  • Mix across CSL offerings such as systems on CSL Shared cloud and systems on CSL Private Cloud.

In hybrid offerings comprised of a mix of CSL-based services, components such as Internet bandwidth, Public IP addressing, and LAN connectivity can be merged resulting in a more cost-effective solution when compared to these services being procured independently.

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