Standard colocation services comprised of RackSpace, Power, Cooling and Internet Bandwidth are offered from one of CSLs local datacentre facilities. CSL makes use of APC 42U, 800mm x 1000mm deep server cabinets equipped with dual 32A APC PDUs as standard. Each PDU is supplied through an independent power distribution circuit protected continuously through completely separate line interactive UPS banks for electrical anomalies such as surges, spikes, brown-outs and black-outs.

Power supply is backed by multiple independent AC diesel generators with external fuel supply systems to ensure full autonomy in the unlikely event of a nation-wide electrical failure. Cooling within the datacentre areas is efficiently handled using downflow cooling in a hot/cold aisle arrangement. Complementing the datacentre facilities are multiple early detection and fire extinguishing systems.

Internet connectivity is achieved via upstream services from all of the local Internet service providers while public IP allocations are all handled in-house over provider independent and provider aggregatable addresses. All Internet connectivity is covered by multiple ISP failover services by default maintaining the same IP allocation irrespective of ISP resulting in the least possible disruption to the customer’s services in the unlikely event of ISP failures.

All CSLs facilities meet or exceed Tier 3 rating thus being provisioned with a minimum of N+1 redundancy throughout all the services be it Power, Cooling and Network provisioning. All access to the customer’s systems is logged and audited via Access control systems and continuous CCTV operation.

Typical use-cases for colocation services are:

  • Equipment owned and fully supported by the customer
  • Transitive service used as part of a migration process from customer owned/collocated systems to another Cloud-based service such as Shared or Private cloud.
  • As part of a hybrid service with workload split across customer owned equipment and CSL or 3rd party cloud services.

Colocation services are priced based on a one-time setup fee for the provisioning of datacentre services such as racking, cabling, power, cooling and bandwidth preparation and an on-going monthly fee dependent on the size of the collocated kit in terms of rackspace, power consumption and internet bandwidth.

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