Disaster Recovery Services

Whether you host your production systems or your disaster recovery site with us, CSL can provide you with the necessary technical offerings to fulfil your Disaster Recovery Plan’s criteria.

CSL can provide various instance types and services hosted on CSL’s Shared or Private Cloud platforms which connect to 3rd party providers via secure IPSec VPN tunnels using normal internet medium. In the event of DR invocation, CSL can temporarily upgrade your bandwidth plan to handle the additional workload induced as a result of production traffic reaching your DR servers.

Furthermore, CSL can help the customer perform periodical DR drills to ensure that your disaster recovery plan is valid, effective and meets your target RPO and RTO.

Clients who have their production systems hosted on a CSL service such as Shared, Private, Hybrid or simply colocation can avail from CSL’s disaster recovery site located in a separate datacentre within Malta. This allows customers to make use of cheaper bandwidth for production to disaster recovery site connectivity while only paying for a minimum internet bandwidth allocation at the DR site.

Technical implementations vary from client to client and CSL will always strive in creating bespoke solutions that integrate with the existing customer’s systems.

Typical technical DR implementations are:

  • Instance level replication using native hypervisor methods
  • Instance level replication using additional Backup and Replication software
  • DB level replication based on Availability groups, log shipping and/or master/salve models
  • Active/Standby geographical load balancing with automated/semi-automated failover
  • Backup job replication using a variety of backup software applications

Complementing the disaster recovery services, CSL has its own work are recovery (WAR) facilities which allow the customer to have key personnel work from the said facilities in the event of a DR invocation. Each desk is equipped with a windows-based workstation and a landline telephone service. Connectivity to the customer’s system hosted at CSL will be provisioned over a direct gigabit link to allow for fast access to the systems.

The facilities are accessible 24*7 using an assigned chip and pin access method and are equipped with wired and wireless internet services, kitchenette and bathroom. All details for access to the building and connectivity to the customer’s systems in the event of an invocations are documented and kept updated in the customer’s operations manual.

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