Security Services

Security in layers is a methodology employed by CSL throughout the lifecycle of a given system to ensure that the customer’s systems are built around security services from inception rather than the costly and disruptive adaption of systems at a later stage.

Various CSL skillsets are used for the provisioning of security services as these normally involve knowledge on a broad range of technologies. The list below includes some of the services that CSL can offer related to security for customers using any CSL service offering:

  • Managed edge firewalling
  • On-premise network management
  • Infrastructure and Operating system hardening
  • Centralised security event logging systems
  • Centralised configuration management systems
  • Centralised authentication systems (directory services)
  • Host-based intrusion prevention systems (HIPS)
  • Network-based intrusion prevention systems (NIPS)
  • Host Anti-X services (Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Malware)
  • External and Internal vulnerability assessments (VA)
  • Web application firewalling
  • Distributed Denial of service protection (DDoS) Layers 3 – 7

Where applicable, CSL follow industry standard security and hardening best practices which complement customers who are in the process of achieving compliance certifications such as PCI-DSS. CSL is also ISO 27001 certified and regularly performs re-certifications to ensure that practices are kept in-line with the actual policies.

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